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3PL Freight Brokerage

Moving goods seamlessly with a vast fleet of vehicles you can count on

In addition to the fleet of Murphy trucks, our committed capacity 3PL freight brokerage services allow us to focus on your supply chain solutions and transportation services needs throughout all of North America. We do this by leveraging our relationships with other carriers. Through this partner program, Murphy functions as a 500-truck fleet, supplying you with committed equipment when you need it at the best price. We stay engaged with these shipments by continually monitoring carrier performance and safety on the road.

Murphy’s rich tradition over the past 100+ years has allowed us to build this unique carrier program that is founded on trust, integrity, and established relationships. Through these relationships, Murphy continues to deliver practical 3PL freight brokerage to Fortune 500 shippers as well as to the start-up shipper.

When Do You Need Freight Broker Companies

In the logistics industry, a freight broker company is a third-party entity that plays the role of coordinator, connecting businesses who need to ship goods with a carrier that offers shipping and logistics services. This includes negotiating rates, schedules, and all other details.

A quality 3PL freight brokerage will have established relationships with several carriers that offer a full line of transportation services. Our partnerships allow us to offer services to a variety of industries including medical, food, industrial, and consumer goods. This means we offer refrigerated and dry van solutions that work for most any need.

More Than Just 3PL Freight Brokerage Services

It is common that most freight brokerage services do not offer their own asset-based shipping, but at Murphy Logistics we have the advantage of also owning our own equipment so we can provide this service in-house when it is the best solution for our clients. Murphy actually owns and operates one of the best asset-based fleets in North America so we can proudly email that we are a true asset based carrier.

Our 3PL freight brokerage services allow you the peace of mind to know all paperwork is being handled, all regulations are being followed, and all results will meet your expectations. Our team consists of industry experts with years of experience providing brokerage solutions.  

To get started, simply complete the contact form or RFQ form below. Our 3PL brokerage services team will then go to work identifying the best options for you so we can discuss them and narrow down exactly how to achieve your shipping goals.

If you find warehousing is also needed in your process, we can even offer our trusted warehousing and distribution solutions in Minnesota or Missouri. This temporary holding option is sometimes needed when connecting the dots between shipping and receiving. Fortunately, we have 14 warehousing and distribution logistics campuses to solve this problem. These end-to-end logistics services are one of the many things that set Murphy Logistics apart from our competition. 

Whatever your need, Murphy Logistics has the solutions for you. As a well-established leader among 3PL freight brokerage companies, we have years of successful experience assisting companies of all types, so let’s discuss how we can work with you. Give us a call or fill out one of the forms below to get started!